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    Nothing can be more fulfilling than when a beautiful twink falls for you. It was one of the Sundays when I am usually in low moods. Such days I try all I can just to cheer up without success. However, this Sunday turned out to be one of the best Sundays for me. I was just relaxing in my living room when the younger son of my neighbor suddenly knocked on the door of my house. At first, I though it was my neighbor Mike who usually bothers me when he has nothing to do. On opening the door, I was surprised at what I saw. It was the beautiful 18 years old boy of my neighbor.

    Although John was beautiful, I had not taken much of my time to analyze his beauty. However, all his nude beauty became apparent to me that day from the way he had dressed. On opening the door, he stared at me with a suggestive face and asked with a sexy voice, “may I come in?” His look and the cock that were exposed more than half got me confused. I was hesitant to let him in but I fabled in confusion, “sure, sure come in”. That day everybody was minding their own business in the apartment so when she got into the house I looked outside to see if there was anybody who was around and the corridors were clear.

    By the time I closed the door, John was lying on the coach with only a lingering. His other clothes were on the floor. He was totally naked already. He whispered to me, “Hey sexy boy, you have ignored me for long. Today is our day, come here I want you all for me”. I could not believe what I was seeing. His beauty and moves made me unable to resist his charm. Within minutes, he was sucking my dick. He was in control of everything. She pulled my dick and after some minutes we were both sweating and breathing heavily as we fuck. When he realized I was about to cum, he pushed me out of his juicy asshole and grabbed my dick. He made me empty all the cum in his mouth. After calming down, I admitted to him that he had given me the most pleasurable experience in my life.

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    To Charlie, Eric was the cutest being he had ever come across. In fact, after a few days of having an encounter with him on the skating field, he developed a deep affection for skating even though it is one of those activities that he had always hated as he grew up. In fact, Charlie says that there are so many things about Eric that always kept him longing to kiss every part of him. His skating was awesome but most important was his smooth cheeks, dark brown eyes and tender lips. Although he had never been so close to Eric to tell him how much he felt about him, he was destined to face him and pour out his heart to him.

    It was one afternoon, Charlie was the first on the skating ground and looking towards the other end, he could see someone skating towards where he was. It is not the skating that he really admired but he kind of felt like this was his least day on earth and he could not leave without fulfilling one thing that has always desired with the whole of his heart. In a few moments, Eric was just a few meters and when he reached where Charlie was, he stopped. Charlie could not hold it back and he immediately fell into Eric's arms as if they have been the best of friends.

    None had since reported to the skating ground and Charlie knew that this was the best day to show Eric what he has always felt for him. As if they both had the same feelings, the two left the skating filed arm in arm to the changing room. For the two, it was like love at first sight because once into the changing room, they both began kissing and caressing until Eric felt Charlie lower his trousers. ''I have been so horny for you'' that is what Eric told Charlie contrary to his expectations. After the experience, the two were again at the skating ground holding each other's hands......In deed, it was the most intimate and pleasurable moments of their lives.

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